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VMware HOL, Hands On Labs

VMware - ESX management commands  -  The top VMware ESX commands and ESXi commands

List of log files VMware vSphere ESX Classic version 4

The VMware community    -    by VMware                                                   

VMware commands (by TheBen)  
vSphere command  ( by VMware)     
vmkfstools              (by TheBen) 

Virtualization Review - publication from the 1105 Enterprise Computing Group (ECG)                                                      

VMug Dutch Vitrual Machine Users Group                             

VMware world

Useful links to much more virtualisation information

Useful links to downloads and Third Party Products


How 2's by TheBen

Abbriviations explained by TheBen

Automating Management by TheBen - tools, scripts, commands and exaples

VMWare vSphere file extentions

Lab Network design

Performance + ESXtop

Rapid deployments + clones & templates explained

Install VMware ESXi on server with < 4Gb of RAM

Install ESXi on a VMware workstation

VMware: Extend the OS disk the easy way (ExtPart.exe)

Check if server is in HCL

How to check NVMe Drives TBW in ESXi with PowerCLI

PowerCLI by TheBen
VMware PowerCLI Overview

Windows 2008 Installation on VMware ESX 3.0
Deploy and how_to_Build_a_Windows-2008_VMware-ESX-VMware

Build a Windows 2016 template

Making a mscs cluster with VMware
How To Set Up Microsoft Clustering on vSphere 4.1

VMware storage network design

VMware modes (By TheBen)  

VMware tools

VMware bestands extenties nader uitgelegd 

vSan explained in schema

Using USB Hard-drives at the Service Console

Shrink a VMDK using VMware Converter

Create, configure and deploy Windows Template

VMWare Update Manager

Convert VMDK to other virtualization environments or merge VMDK's to one VMDK by command:
vmware-vdiskmanager.exe -r thefirstfile.vmdk -t 0 tosingelfilename.vmdk


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