VMWare vSphere file extentions

flat.VMDK    =    raw disk disk file that is created for each virtual disk allocated to a VM
.log                =    VMWare vSphere log files
.NVRAM    =    BIOS
internal.VMDK            = data configuration for quickprep /sysprep
replica-GUID.VMDK    = replica VM is used to spin up linked clone VM's
VDM-GUID.VMDK    =    Windows page file
VM-s000.VMDK        = change to a virtual disk while VM is running
.VMSD       =    metadata about snapshots
.VMSN        = snapshot state file of a running VM
.VMSS        =    file created when VM is suspended and is used to save the suspended state
.VMX         =    config file
.VMXF       =    supplemented config file if in a team
.VSWP        =    Swap file