Global names in Windows 2008

What is GlobalNames in Windows Server 2008?
With its move away from WINS, Microsoft has created a new zone in Windows 2008 called GlobalNames. GlobalNames are single-label entries (e.g., NetBIOS) that will resolve across your entire forest. Entries in GlobalNames are manually created and maintained. To enable GlobalNames, perform these steps:
1. Within the Microsoft Management Console (MMC) DNS Manager snap-in, right click Forward Lookup
     Zones and select New Zone.
2. Select a type of Primary zone and select to store in AD.
3. Select to store on all DNS servers in the forest, and click Next.
4. Enter a name of GlobalNames, and click Next.
5. Under Dynamic Update, select "Do not allow dynamic updates," and click Next.
6. Click Finish on the confirmation screen.
7. Next, enable GlobalNames support on each DNS server in the forest by running the following command:
   dnscmd /config /EnableGlobalNamesSupport 1
   Registry property EnableGlobalNamesSupport successfully reset.
   Command completed successfully.
8. Finally, restart the DNS service on each DNS server.
    net stop "dns server"
The DNS Server service is stopping.
    The DNS Server service was stopped successfully.
    net start "dns server"
    The DNS Server service is starting.
    The DNS Server service was started successfully.

9. You should now create CNAME records in the GlobalNames zone.
    You can also create entries from the command line. For example:
    dnscmd /recordadd GlobalNames dc2 CNAME

    Add CNAME Record for dc2.GlobalNames at GlobalNames
    Command completed successfully.

You can now use these entries anywhere in the forest. An in-depth guide is now available at