How to use Terminal Server in Windows 2008 core


How to use Terminal Server Remote Programs to publish cmd.exe and allow you to run the Server Core cmd.exe in a window on your Vista or Longhorn Server installation.

You will need a Longhorn Server installation with the Terminal Services role installed. Once the administrative tools replacement is available in the builds you will be able to just install the Terminal Services tools.

To configure cmd.exe as the remote program:

1.      Start MMC and add the Terminal Services Remote Programs snap-in, and then connect it to the
         Server Core server.

2.      In the Action pane of the snap-in, click Add Remote Programs and then navigate to
          \\<ServerName>\c$\windows\system32\cmd.exe (where ServerName is the name of the Server
         Core server).

3.      In the Allow list, select Remote cmd.exe, and then select Create RDP package.
         You can then use the RDP package to connect to the Server Core server using the RDP package.